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What Clients Are Saying

 I help my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my coaching services, and contact me today to schedule your own session.

I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.


"I had an hour session with Shareen. I spoke with Shareen about my high levels of anxiety I suffer with daily, to see if there was anything she could do to relieve this as my anxiety was taken its tole on me. 

Hypnosis is something I didn't know much about, wasn't sure how it would work. However, I'm so glad I booked a session. 

The first part of my session was a type of hypnosis that lasted around 10mins. I found it very calming; I was guided to connect with my body once I felt connected I was guided to breathe in & out through my heart. On my out breath I was to let go all of the things that create my anxiety. On the in breath I affirmed all the emotions I wanted to feel. I found this guided exercise very helpful once out of it I felt so calm, rested with a feeling of positive energy around me. I have continued this practice every evening before bed and I am finding I am sleeping much better.

During my session I also was taken through an anchoring process, I was asked about the 3 negative emotions that contribute to my anxiety, I wanted to replace with 3 positive ones. I was taken into a deeper hypnosis state I was asked by Shareen to bring to the front of my memory when I experienced my 3 positive memories.  As I went through this process I had a heightened feeling of each positive memory.

After my hour session with Shareen, I was left feeling calm, relaxed and more in control and my anxiety lessened by over half.

I am using the techniques I have learned to manage my daily anxiety it has helped me so much; I feel much less troubled by it and in those moments I feel my anxiety building up in me I press my thumb & forefinger together and I am flooded with the feelings of happiness, relaxation and confidence. 

I am so happy with the out come of my session. Shareen was very astute at guiding me to the root of my issue and talking me through the best practice/process to assist me. 

 I look forward to having another session with her in the future."

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